On the impact of Physical Layer awareness on scheduling and resource allocation in broadband multi-cellular IEEE 802.16 Systems

Multicellular networks based on the IEEE 802.16 standard appear to be very promising candidates to provide end users with broadband wireless access. However, they also pose interesting challenges in terms of radio resource management, where several design choices are not specified in the standard, intentionally left open to implementors. For this reason, we focus in this article on scheduling and resource allocation, and investigate how they could operate in a cross-layer fashion. In particular, we describe the principles of joint scheduling and resource allocation for IEEE 802.16 operating in AMC mode, and
discuss the critical role played by physical layer considerations, especially intercell interference estimation and channel state awareness, in the obtained performance. This leads to identifying key open issues and possible general solutions.


Leonardo Badia, Andrea Baiocchi, Simone Merlin, Silvano Pupolin, Alessandro Todini, Andrea Zanella, Michele Zorzi

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IEEE Wireless Communications

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