Multimodal Underwater Networks: Recent Advances and a Look Ahead

The recent uptake of non-acoustic underwater transmission
systems suggests that in the near future it will be common for
underwater devices to incorporate different physical commu-
nication technologies. Such devices are typically described
as multimodal. They seek flexibility by compensating for the
shortcomings of a given technology through the advantages
of another. For example, a system encompassing acoustic and
optical communication systems can provide long-range, low-
bit rate communications, while enabling faster data transfer
at very short range.
As the development of non-acoustic underwater commu-
nications is taking momentum, so is the research on how
to optimally exploit the multimodal communications capa-
bilities in different scenarios. This paper presents a survey
of past and recent work on this topic, covering the devel-
opment both of the communication technologies and of the
networking schemes and protocols for multimodal networks.
As an example of the opportunities offered by multimodal
communications, we discuss two different case studies. We
conclude with an outlook on likely future developments for
multimodal communications.


Filippo Campagnaro, Roberto Francescon, Paolo Casari, Roee Diamant, Michele Zorzi

Published On:

WUWNet’17 Halifax

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