Exploring the Statistical Relation between the Underwater Acoustic and Optical Channels

In this paper, we are interested in finding whether a statistical relationship exists between underwater acoustics and optics, despite the different physics that govern these technologies. Besides the theoretical interest of such a relationship, predicting the quality of the optical links through acoustics is relevant for multimodal communications.
Our study is based on a large dataset acquired during the NATO ALOMEX 2015 expedition. The dataset consists of several acoustic and optical link characteristics measured at multiple locations, reflecting a diversity of sea environments. Our results, based on a systematic machine learning analysis, show a strong correlation between the properties of acoustic links and the reliability of optical communications. Potentially, this can be leveraged to predict the state of underwater optical links.


Roee Diamant, Filippo Campagnaro, Michele De Filippo de Grazia, Alberto Testolin, Violeta Sanjuan Calzado, Michele Zorzib, Paolo Casari

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