Guido Maria Cortelazzo

LTTM - Laboratorio di Tecnologia e Telecomunicazioni Multimediali

The research of the Multimedia Technology and Telecommunications Laboratory brings
together telecommunications, image processing, computer vision and computer graphics, and focuses on the acquisition, analysis and transmission of 3D still and dynamic scenes.

Ongoing research activities are:

  • Dynamic 3D reconstruction from heterogeneous sensors
  • Compression and transmission of depth maps and multi-view data
  • Joint segmentation of color and depth data
  • Content-Based retrieval of 3D data
  • Gesture recognition

For further information on the Lab visit:

Phone contact: +39 049 827 7774

A few examples of our experimental activity follow.


ToF and stereo data fusion

Current 3D video applications require the availability of depth information, that can be acquired real-time by stereo vision systems and ToF cameras. We consider an heterogeneous acquisition system, made of two high resolution standard cameras and one ToF camera. The stereo system and the ToF camera must be properly calibrated together in order to operate jointly. We introduced a generalized multi-camera calibration technique. We derived a probabilistic fusion algorithm that allow us to obtain high quality depth information from the information of both the ToF camera and the stereo-pair.


Multi-view and depth image and video compression

Free viewpoint video applications and autostereoscopic displays require the transmission of multiple views of a scene together with depth maps. Current compression and transmission solutions just handle these two data streams using techniques derived from standard image and video compression tools. However by using ad-hoc solutions explicitly targeted at these kind of data better performances can be obtained.


Markerless Human Motion Capture

The Markerless Human Motion Capture Project is devoted to the design and development of a system to capture the human motion using passive video cameras for free-viewpoint video purposes. The Blue-Room (see picture on the left): the recording studio is a 24 square meters room furnished with blue walls and four high resolution cameras.