World Ocean Simulation System (WOSS) library


No super-user credentials are needed for any of these installations.

WOSS now supports the installation as a stand alone library (e.g. with no NS2 and NS-Miracle support). This installation method is useful if you require the library to work in any project that doesn't need NS2/NS-Miracle libraries and related source code.


  • Download the latest Bellhop program from and follow installation instructions. The directory path that contains the binaries should be in the $PATH environment.
    This is now mandatory also for all users, since WOSS 1.5.0 is now compliant with latest Bellhop arr file syntax (acoustic toolbox version >= 16 Aug 2016). WOSS is also supporting the previous syntax.
    See also
    woss::BellhopCreator::setBellhopArrSyntax or tcl binded value bellhop_arr_syntax
  • If you want to use NetCDF classes and databases, download the latest NetCDF library for C and the legacy C++ from ; NetCDF has to be built with support for dynamic libraries and with no support for HDF. Please refer to NetCDF documentation for comprehensive set of installation instructions of the C and C++ libraries. Please note that the –prefix=<optional_netcdf_install_path> option is strongly suggested. A simple installation script is given here as example:
    • install the latest NETCDF C library with ./configure –prefix=<optional_netcdf_install_path> –disable-netcdf-4 –enable-shared –disable-dap
    • make check install
    • install the legacy NETCDF C++ library with ./configure –prefix=<optional_netcdf_install_path> –enable-shared CPPFLAGS="$CPPFLAGS -I<netcdf_c_src_path>/include" LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS -L<optional_netcdf_install_path>/lib"
    • make check install
  • Download the latest version of NS-Miracle from the official SVN repository as instructed here:
    Read documentation provided in the above link for installation instructions.
  • If you want to use WOSS with world data, download and extract the provided databases. Register yourself and download the GEBCO_08 Grid and/or the GEBCO One Minute Grid database from: and put it in the same directory.

How to install WOSS library

  1. extract the compressed file in a directory of your choice and cd into that directory;
  2. run ./
  3. run ./configure with the following options:
    • –with-ns-allinone=<ns2-allinone_path> optional, needed if you want to compile the library for NS2 and NSMIRACLE.
    • –with-nsmiracle=<ns-miracle_path> optional, needed if you want to compile the library for NS2 and NSMIRACLE.
    • –with-netcdf=<NetCDF_install_path> optional, needed if you want to use NetCDF databases. (The path is the same mentioned in the Requirements section, if NetCDF was installed with no –prefix, the default path SHOULD be /usr/local)
    • –with-pthread optional and useless unless a multi-core processor is installed
    • –prefix=<path_where_libraries_will_be_installed>
      this path is optional and should be the same one used with NS-Miracle installation. If used, this path should be added to the environmental variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Please refer to NS-Miracle documentation for more info
  4. run make
  5. run make install


The following line would install WOSS with pthread, and NetCDF, but with no NS2/NS-Miracle support (stand-alone library).

./configure –with-netcdf=<NetCDF_install_path> –with-pthread –prefix=<path_where_libraries_will_be_installed>

The next line would install WOSS with NS2 and NS-Miracle support.

./configure –with-netcdf=<NetCDF_install_path> –with-ns-allinone=<ns2-allinone_path> –with-nsmiracle=<ns-miracle_path> –with-pthread –prefix=<path_where_libraries_will_be_installed>