How to reach D.GT!


We are located at the
Department of Information Engineering
via G. Gradenigo 6/b
35131 Padova, Italy


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Remark: the University of Padova does not have a campus and the Departments are spread all over the town. Therefore, you’d better not simply ask for ‘the University’ if you don’t wish to have fuzzy indications. Try instead to ask for the Department of Information Engineering (Ingegneria dell’Informazione, in Italian) or even better for the ‘Portello’.


How to reach us by plane

The closest airport is Venice Airport, From there you can reach Padova by taxi, shuttle, train or coach.

Taxi The Radiotaxi service (+39-049-651333) provides direct transfer from airport to Padova, howewer this is the most expensive solution.

by cab or shuttle: there is an Air service (Coop. Radiotaxi Patavina,, e-mail:, +39-049-8704425) with a collective minibus at the cost of approximately 26 € per person. Book 24 hours in advance by e-mail (see site). An equivalent service is offered by Landomas(, +39-049-8601426).
Other airports near Padova are in Verona and Bologna; but the transfer from there to Padova is not an easy one.

by coach: you can use SITA bus service. Departures are every 30 minutes from just beside airport’s entrance hall. In the timetable select TESSERA AEROPORTO (Airport) as departure (Fermate di Partenza) and PADOVA STAZ. FS (railway station) as arrival (Fermate di Arrivo), select the travel day (Data di viaggio) and then click on CORSE DI ANDATA (One-way ticket). To reach the Department of Information Engineering (DEI), driver stops at ‘ex-FIAT’ (pron. ecs pheeut) on demand.

by bus + train: reach the Mestre-Venice railway station by bus ATVO Fly Bus or ACTV bus n° 15; for ACTV see the timetable from AEROPORTO (Airport) to STAZIONE FS (Railway station), feriale (weekday) or festivo (holiday). Take a train to Padova (Trenitalia, The trip is around 30 minutes.


How to reach us by train

First and second class are available; for fast trains a supplement is required, and in some cases a seat reservation is mandatory: so, specify which train you are going to board when asking for a ticket. All tickets (both round-trip and one way) have a validity of 2 months; before boarding the train, it is mandatory to validate them by using the yellow machines located on the platforms and throughout the station: penalties are applied to the infringers. Routes and timetables can be found at Trenitalia web site. From Padova railway station you can then reach the Department either by taxi, bus, or on foot.

  • by taxi: the taxi parking is in front of padova railway station (, tel +39 049 651333). It takes approximately 10 minutes to reach the Department.
  • by bus: From Padua train station take APS bus number 18 and stop at ‘ex-FIAT/Portello’. Otherwise, in order to reach Ognissanti Street buildings, take APS number 15 at Boschetti Place (5 minutes on foot from rail station) and stop at ‘Ognissanti Church’.
  • on foot: In any case, the Department is at a walking distance: it takes aprox 15 minutes on foot from the railway central station. On coming out from the station take the road on the left, until you reach the traffic lights: then go through the lights in Gozzi street in front of you. After 300 meters there are other traffic lights (at the cross with Trieste street) and you must go straight on the left sidewalk; the name of the street is now Morgagni. After the bridge over the Piovego canal, take on the left (Loredan street). Keep going straight for another kilometer. (You should have the Piovego bank on your left and, midway, you should pass by a modern-style pedestrian bridge crossing the river.) Loredan street merges in Via Gradenigo, after a T-intersection with via Portello (on the right). The Department of Information Engineering is just after the T-intersection, on your right.

How to reach us by car

From A4 highway exit to ‘Padova Est’ (IKEA exit). The tollbooth leads you in a messy intersection (with IKEA on your right). Take the left-most lane and follow the indications for ‘Fiera di Padova’ (Padova fair) or City Center. After 100-150 meters you should see a traffic light for pedestrian crossing (it is usually yellow-blinking). Move to the center-lane and keep going straight on the flyover that you see a hundred meters ahead. Keep going and pass the two traffic lights that you find after the flyover.

At this point, you are in a two-way street, with five lanes on your way. The central (yellow-painted) lane is reserved to Bus and Taxi. Keep the first lane on the left of the central one. The street leads you to a huge roundabout with trafficlights, named STANGA. You should have the BestWestern Hotel Biri on your right and you might see a big fountain on the other side of the intersaction, still on your right.

Leave the roundabout at the third exit, keeping a rather narrow street surrounded by trees.

Make a right turn at the first intersection and enter Via Gradenigo. After 300 meters, you will find DEI on your left-hand side.


How to reach our offices…

When you arrive on the entrance gate of the Department, you will see a (ugly) building with a red faced. Cross the gate and go straight, leaving the building to your left, until you see a red building on your left and a parking lot on your right. That’s DEI/A.

You might enter from the main door or a secondary entrance, that is 10 meters further, on your left (there’s also a ramp for wheelchairs). Once entered the building, follow the aisle till you’ll reach the elevator. Take the elevator and stop to the second floor. The door opens on a small hall with a couple of vending machines.

Exiting the elevator, on your right you’ll see a fire-stop door with a white phone hung on the wall. Search the underneath phone directory and the office extension you wish to reach. Please, ignore the message that you’ll get when you pick up the receiver and simply dial the last 4 digits of the office phone number. Someone (hopefully) will come to open you the door!