Hotel list

You can find a list of Hotels with and without price agreements with our University in the DEI website

Guest Quarters (Foresteria)

Foresteria “La Nave”

Fondazione Gini
Tel: 049 827 5047 – Fax 049 776 406

Nothing available? You might wish to make a try with ESU Accommodation (see below)!

Student dorms and boarders

ESU accomodation

ESU offers more than 1700 beds; 230 of which are reserved to ERASMUS students.
Furthermore, ESU provides a short-period Guest House and Bed&Breakfast services, located in the Copernico building, for students and families visiting Padova.

For more information contact:

Esu Accommodation
Via Tiepolo 46, Padova
Tel. 049 8941160 / fax 049 7800187

Boarder list

For a complete list of student dorms and boarders, please visit the SASSA SERVICE web page at