About us


What’s D.GT?

D.GT (read “digit”) stands for DEI-Gruppo Telecomunicazioni (that is, DEI-Telecommunications Group).

Now, you might wonder what DEI stands for. Well, DEI is the acronym of the Department of Information Engineering, which is one of the biggest Departments of the University of Padua.

D.GT collects all the professors, researchers, PhD students and collaborators that fall within the orbit of the Telecommunications Engineering school at the University of Padua.


SiteMap in a nutshell: what you can find on these pages!

This website has been conceived for different purposes and for different type of users.
Student: you’ll find info about the skills of a Telecommunications Engineer, job perspectives and opportunities, offered courses, thesis and stages proposal, bureaucracy and so on (see the Student section)
Researcher: you’ll find a compound overview of all the D.GT research activities, publications, projects, achievements, software and so on… (see Research, and Lab sections)
Company: you’ll get a view of our skills and competences and of the different ways we can fruitfully collaborate (see Industry section)!
All: you’ll get the chance to see our faces (People section), getting to know what we do and what we plan to do, being informed on what’s going on in the hot area of advanced telecommunications engineering, and much more…