Research Areas

    Wireless PAN


    Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN)

    WPANs are deemed to be the enabling technologies for the realization of smart environments, ubiquitous computing and seamless connectivity visions. Although these goals are still far to be reached, the WPAN standards, and Bluetooth ahead of every others, are now widespread and integrated in a number of electronics gadgets. Therefore, basic research in this area is required to define the actual potentialities of the technologies, provide tools for the system design and analysis, develop innovations and enhancements to bring the aforementioned visions into reality.


    1. Link layer behavior
      • Performance achieved by different packet formats
      • Link layer modeling
      • Inter-piconet interference
      • Piconet polling schemes
      • Trade-off between response delay/throughput/energy consumption
      • Optimal piconet topology
      • Scatternet formation and management
      • Scatternet creation algorithms
      • Gateway and unit scheduling
      • Routing on Scatternets
      • Inter-piconet handover
      • Multimedia over HR-WPAN
    • Analysis and comparison of scheduling algorithms for multimedia transmissions over IEEE 802.15.3 (High-rate WPAN)

    People mainly involved

    Andrea Zanella