Research Areas

    Wireless LAN


    Wireless Local Area Network, IEEE 802.11, Calradio

    What is the actual performance of the widespread WiFi networks? How can we model the system behavior in presence of interference and hidden nodes? Which QoS can we expect on this type of network? How to improve the 802.11 MAC/PHY with transparent modifications of the current standards?

    Aim of this research group is to give an answer to these and other questions by modeling, studying, developing and validating new MAC/PHY algorithms on commercial WLAN 802.11 technologies.

    Current activities:

    Rate Adaptation

    Taking advantage from the Calradio 1 platform and MadWifi opensource project we study and evaluate efficient rate adaptation algorithms. Aim of the research are also feasibility considerations with respect to the available technology and real implementation of these algorithms into commercial boards.

    MAC layer FEC

    Narrow overlapping channels, traffic congestion, higher amounts of information are barely tolerated by current 802.11 technologies, but are becoming more and more a common situation in standard WLAN networks. We seek an improvement of the current technology by introducing FEC mechanisms at the MAC layer in association with the common retransmission procedures.