Embedded Wisents White Papers

    White papers for the Embedded WiSeNts Project - Project FP6-004400

    Cooperating Embedded Systems for Exploration and Control featuring Wireless Sensor Networks – Embedded WiSeNts is a Coordination Action (CA) funded by the European Commission under the Information Society Technology (IST) priority within the 6th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP6). The project addresses the strategic objective of ‘‘Embedded Systems’‘.

    Research Integration: Platform Survey

    This report presents an in-depth critical survey of a number of advanced research platforms for wireless sensor networks. The goal of our work has been to evaluate these platforms with respect to their practical capabilities as research platforms, focusing on ease of use issues. For this purpose, we have limited the selection of platforms to those with which Wisent partners have substantial hands-on experience. The information presented here is intended to inform researchers’ selection of a platform and to increase awareness of the variety of available research environments. By contributing to the development diverse communities using these platforms, this report contributes to increased integration within the research community. The content includes presentation of five hardware platforms and four operating systems. In addition, the document presents a number of “service distributions”: software packages providing portable functionality for the communication stack, sensor data processing, and network management. A survey of six simulation environments is also presented. Finally, descriptions of four testbed and development environments show how these platforms are being used in practice. The report closes with some brief discussion of implications of the survey.
    Documents are available on the project’s official site upon registration.

    Paradigms for algorithms and interactions

    Paradigms for algorithms and interactions
    This document is intended to provide a survey of the algorithms and paradigms for
    systems based on Cooperating–objects (COs). The aim of the study is to identify the
    areas that need further research and the most promising design approaches in the |
    context of CO-based systems. The document is structured in three main parts. Part I
    introduces the subject considered in the document and describes the thematic areas
    that have been considered in the analysis of the literature. Part II provides an overview
    of the most common and interesting solutions adopted in the thematic areas previously
    introduced. Finally, Part III digests the survey of the literature and identifies the critical
    issues and the most promising design approaches in the context of COs.

    Documents are available on the project’s official site upon registration.


    WSN and Cooperating Objects

    WiSeNts consortium has created a repository of teaching material concerning Wireless Sensor Networks and Cooperating Objects.

    Visit and contribute to the teachware website: