WIreless SEnsor networks for city-Wide Ambient Intelligence



WISE-WAI (pronounced the same as “wise way”) means WIreless SEnsor networks for city-Wide Ambient Intelligence (see also the official WISE-WAI web site ). It is a three-year effort ended on June 30, 2011, that blends scientific research and engineering together toward the definition and deployment of integrated solutions for ambient intelligence in large, city-wide scenarios. WISE-WAI will boost technological advancement in the field of wireless sensor and actuator networks, ultimately providing a wide-area testbed for the demonstration of the functionalities and capabilities designed, and the applications that can be run on the testbed itself.

The research work developed as part of this project addressed the main open technical problems related to the deployment of large scale wireless sensor and actuator networks, having energy efficiency, heterogeneity and scalability as the major guidelines. The research issues addressed by the project are very challenging and at the forefront of sensor network research, and will lead to very significant advancements in the state-of-the-art.

Taking the chance of the final project symposium, the project activities have been covered by the local press, and the University of Padova science divulgation websice Uniscienze . Read more on the WISE-WAI web site .