Smart Grids

Optimization of Smart Micro Grids

Project description

Energy market has seen major changes in recent years, due in particular
to the spread of use of renewable energy sources. An important novelty
that is under study in major research centers both in Europe and in
America is the smart micro grid, i.e. an electrical grid serving a
neighborhood that is made smart by a control and communication system.
This allows the minimization of the distribution losses while
guaranteeing the quality of the electrical service to the users.

The CARIPARO foundation has supported the research activity by
sponsoring a scholarship for Ph.D. Students on the project Optimization
of smart grids.

In the project the following issues will be addressed:

  • Electrical characterization of the smart micro grids, with particular interest for the use of energy storage devices and the implementations of “islands” that are able to operate even in the absence of supply from the main distribution company.
  • Optimal distributed control of the smart micro grids, in order to minimize the distribution losses, while improving at the same time the quality of the electrical service in terms of flexibility and reliability.
  • Dynamic estimation of the parameters and structure of the smart micro grid as necessary element for the distributed control techniques by powerline communications.

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